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Aluminum oxidation process after matters needed attention

(1) hot water rinse. Hot water aimed at aging film. However, temperature and time must be strictly controlled, water temperature is too high film thickness reduction, Color Dodge. Industrial aluminum profile takes too long to deal with similar problems can also occur, appropriate temperature and time: temperature 40~50℃ time 0. 5~1MIN。 (2) dry. Dry to dry naturally for good, hot water filling the artifacts had been hanging on the rack, let free water on the surface of neutron direct downward flow. Flow to the lower corners of drops with a towel, and dry coating colors according to this method are not affected, appears natural. (3) the aging process. Aluminium ageing method can be decided according to the climatic conditions, sunlight exposure in daylight in the summer, wet weather or winter is available oven baked process conditions: temperature 40~50℃ 10~15min. (4) substandard repairs. Failed conductive oxide film should be in drying and aging process before singling out, drying and aging difficult removal of the film and the roughness of the surface could be affected.

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