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Industrial aluminum hardness is too low to be solved?

Industrial aluminum extrusion hardness is too low need to solve the aluminum extrusion Mo mold need to pay attention to what?? Today we want to introduce is the content of this area, I hope everyone through the introduction of this article, you can industrial aluminum extrusion hardness is low Solve other aspects of the content have a certain understanding and understanding

Industrial aluminum production and processing, how to control the hardness is the key, a slight failure, it will bring trouble to the user, then how to solve the industrial aluminum extrusion hardness is too low?

1. The setting and control of the aluminum aging furnace temperature: Generally, there is a certain error between the aging furnace temperature and the apparent temperature of the aging furnace. When setting the table temperature, the actual temperature of the furnace must be set according to the actual temperature of the furnace. The market pays close attention to the fluctuation of aging furnace temperature.

2, aluminum aging insulation: to strictly follow the process requirements for aging, the insulation time should be appropriate to prevent the lack of timeliness or overtime and resulting in insufficient hardness.

3, aluminum extrusion frame can not be too dense, there must be a gap between the material and material, especially the non-ventilated small material, thick material spacing should be larger, tube material and small materials, when a box together , The tube is placed below this is conducive to aging circulation air.

4, before loading the aluminum profile 6xxx other special alloys and ordinary 6063 alloy separately loading furnace aging, due to production reasons must be with the furnace aging, to take special alloy technology to aging.

Extrusion produced aluminum profiles are not rigid before ageing and cannot be used as finished products. Therefore, in general, they must be aged to improve strength. Generally, aging can be divided into two kinds: natural aging and artificial aging. The hardness of industrial aluminum profiles is too low to solve the current 6xxx aluminum profile production basically or later.

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