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Industrial aluminum profile development and finishing

Since the late 1970s, China's aluminum alloy doors and windows and curtain wall industry started to develop. The promotion and application of aluminum alloy glass curtain walls in buildings has grown from scratch, from imitation to self-development, and from the construction of small projects to the acceptance of contracts. Large-scale engineering projects, from the production of middle and low-grade products to the production of high-tech products, from the construction of low-rise building doors and windows to the construction of high-rise glass curtain walls, from the processing of simple middle and low-grade profiles to extruded cross-section high-grade profiles, from import development to Foreign contracting projects, aluminum alloy doors and windows and glass curtain walls have been rapidly developed. The advent of new building materials in the 1990s promoted the further development of the building curtain wall. A new type of building curtain wall has emerged throughout the country, namely the metal curtain wall. The so-called metal curtain wall refers to the curtain wall of the curtain wall panel material made of sheet metal. Simply put, it is a form of curtain wall that replaces the glass in the glass curtain wall with a metal plate. However, due to the difference in the surface materials, there is a big difference between the two, so the design process should be considered separately. Due to the excellent processing performance, the diversity of colors and the good safety of the metal plate, it can fully adapt to the design of various complicated shapes, and can increase the concave and convex lines arbitrarily, and can process various types of curved lines, giving The architects have been greatly favored by architects because of their tremendous space for their use. This has led to rapid development.

Flat polished grooves are usually provided with two main purposes. They are flat polished and refined ash on polished aluminum.

1 Plane polishing: Plane polishing grooves can both generate a certain thickness of oxide film, but also can greatly increase the total brightness of aluminum. Anodic oxidation causes the aluminum alloy after sanding and polishing to lose its light, and it is first polished with a flat light, a dense oxide layer is formed on the surface light, the gloss is fixed, and then anodization is performed to substantially reduce the loss of light; Before the profile is polished from sand surface to anodized, it needs to be washed in multiple ways, and it may be trapped in the air or in the washing tank, resulting in pitting corrosion. If the polishing grooves are first polished, a certain thickness of chemical oxide film is pre-prepared to avoid them. Before the oxidation, pitting or flowering material is generated in the washing tank to increase the yield.

2 fine ash: acid ash is very stubborn, it is difficult to remove the general method. Will seriously affect the appearance of acid etching materials. Although the sand surface polishing tank can remove most of the acid ash, there may still be a small amount of residue under certain special conditions. The flat polishing tank can completely remove the acid ash, thus ensuring the quality of the aluminum alloy, and completely eliminate the pollution of the coloring tank and the electrophoresis tank by the acid etching ash.

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