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Lean Pipe for DIY Lean Industrial Tool (BS-408A)

Product Detail

Basic Info

Model NO.:BS-408A

Material:ABS & Steel

Standard Length:4meter/PCS


Wall Thickness:0.8mm

Package:Plastic Bag

Raw Material:ABS+Cold Rolled Steel



Product Description

The lean pipe is made by plastic resin coating of welding steel tube, to prevent coating and steel pipe separation between them, use special adhesive bonding. Steel pipe wall for anti-corrosion coatings, the standard line rod materials for 28 mm out diameter and wall thickness of 1.0 mm steel. Bar products are made up of coated pipe and connecting a modular system, you can transfer can any creative ideas converted into a personalized practical structure. 

"Lean manufacturing" production practice considers the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the end customer to be wasteful, and thus a target of elmination. Essentially, this philosophy aims to eliminate waste and practices that do not add value "Muda" and reduce variations in demands "Muri". 

The seven wastes that lean manufacturing aims to eliminate in a workplace are: 

-Over production

-Over processing





-Scrap and defects

The pipe and joint system is based on the widely recognised Toyota Production System. Using this system a wide variety of applications can be achieved. The salient features of this system that contribute to the implementation of the "lean manufacturing" philosophy in an organization are: 

-Simple and easy assembly without requiring any special skills. 

-Easy to handle: The system is made of light weight materials resulting in easy to handle assemblies. 

-Simple Correction: In case any mistakes are committed in assembly. 

-Unnecessary to equip special facilities for producing assemblies. 

-High safety, simple fitting in working places, welding not required. 

-Reusability: Continuous reforming activites are possible

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