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Quality control in the production process of aluminum tips

Cast: cast aluminum production is the first step. Main processes: (1) ingredients: according to your needs to produce alloys, calculated the amount of alloy compositions and a reasonable mix of various raw materials. (2) smelting: arranged according to technological requirements, added to the melting furnaces melting of raw materials, and in addition to gas, slag refining means effectively remove impurity will melt the slag, gas. (3) casting: melting good casting technology for aluminum liquid in a certain condition, through deep well cast system, cooling into various sizes of round billet casting. Extrusion: extrusion is the profile forming method. Under the Profiles section design, manufacture of molds, extrusion press heated round of casting rods from the mould, extrusion. Common grades of 6063 alloy, when compressed by an air quenching process and beyond the artificial ageing process, to complete the heat. Heat of different grades of alloys and their heat treatment system is different. Strengthened by W-20 Webster hardness tester, hardness testing.

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