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So-called two waste industrial aluminum profile

And defect of the waste in the production process, any defective products will result in a waste of manpower, resources and time, such as product scrap and rework, material of artificial losses, loss of orders, and reputation in the market. Any repair needs to pay the extra costs. Industrial aluminum profile production method requires identifying early bad products, find and determine the source of bad, so as to reduce the production of defective products, and strive to achieve "to do things right the first time". At the source of production to eliminate defective products as much as possible, error-proofing measures to prevent undesirable processes after the flow of raw materials, semi-finished products, the pursuit of zero waste. Second, excessive waste production, lean production is highlighted by "Just in Time (JIT)", that is, when the customer needs, customers need a number of things, both producing too much or too early is a waste.

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