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What are the classification of industrial aluminum?

Industrial aluminum profiles are an indispensable material in our lives, but we do not actively learn to learn about industrial aluminum profiles at the time. However, when aluminum profiles are used, they will inevitably suffer headaches. So if you have an introduction that can speed you up, You can save a lot of trouble. Then take Shengda Qiangliang Industrial Aluminum as an example to introduce.

First, the classification of industrial aluminum profiles

Aluminum profiles can be divided according to the use of window and door materials, curtain wall materials, industrial materials. According to the surface treatment can be divided oxidation material, electrophoretic material, fluorocarbon material, spray coating.

II. Complete catalog of industrial aluminum profiles (take Shengda Qianliang Aluminum as an example)

1, profiles and accessories

2, fastening technology

3, T nut slot

4, screws and universal fasteners

5, panel fasteners

6, fences, guards and partitions

7, hinges and accessories

8, handle, grip system, locks and fasteners

9, floor components

10, machinery parts

11, the installation of components

12, linear slider

13, profile D30 series.

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