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Aluminum Profile Accessories Improve The Quality Of Detection

With the size of the industry and the development trend of aluminum wire drawing materials in the uniform pressure on the enterprise growth space,Aluminum Profile Accessories drawing process aluminum industry development trends, scale structure and comprehensive information, for the surface drawing process is a trend.

The same time as the above-

Metal wire drawing material surface drawing process is recognized by everyone, the surface requirements of the aluminum surface is to pull out the wire is flat, can be used to complete the equipment. Its wide range of applications, mainly for: aluminum alloy factory,Aluminum Profile Accessories stainless steel pieces of the plant, copper pieces of the plant, 3C, chassis, cabinets, lock surface, heat sink and other surface of the surface drawing processing.

The same time as the above-

Metal wire drawing material in the surface drawing process, the surface of the surface lines show a clear straight drawing, the workpiece surface smooth, smooth, good visual effects,Aluminum Profile Accessories parts paid in the beauty, so that the workpiece more upscale. Especially after drawing and then after oxidation, greatly enhance the added value of the product. So that products are more competitive market.

The same time as the above-

There are many abrasives in the drawing process, for example, drawing rounds, drawing tapes, nylon belts, etc .; according to the surface material (such as aluminum) surface conditions and processing requirements, the choice of different substances abrasive. Han Tong Industrial is the world's major brands of raw materials manufacturers,Aluminum Profile Accessories has a wealth of technical and application experience; for the room to provide: metal grinding materials, metal wire drawing materials, metal polishing materials, metal grinding materials, metal sandblasting materials, metal deburring Materials and so on. To high-quality products, preferential prices, efficient service, good reputation to serve every customer.

In the aluminum parts related to the quality of the need to pay attention to the following points:

1. General small processing enterprises because they do not have the relevant advanced equipment in the details of the work may be lacking, the edge of the edge of the processing edge of the roughness of the cutting surface is not smooth display of the most obvious, so in order to improve the aluminum The quality of the accessories first inspection in the early manufacture of the need to have qualified production equipment.

2. Some small enterprises in the installation of the track for the purpose of saving steel is usually set every 1200 mm to do a drop code, in fact,Aluminum Profile Accessories the installation of the track should meet the standard 800 mm every time to do a drop code and use the angle of the fixed The

3. Aluminum parts use single-wheel products in the case of simple construction and save the material, but in the late use of the inconvenience of the situation, and single-round products because of uneven force can not do the door, it is not recommended Use this model to use, but the proposed owners or users choose double hanging wheel products.

It is necessary to paint the surface of an aluminum profile so that the aluminum profile can be used for a longer period of time. Although the aluminum alloy itself, the mechanical strength is relatively high but the corrosion resistance than the pure aluminum even worse, so when the oxidation is likely to occur when the corrosion situation, the need for paint coating on the surface of aluminum parts to be maintained, large Part of the Aluminum Profile Accessories are widely used in doors and windows curtain wall and other products on the use of paint filling can play a very good long-term effect.


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