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Aluminum Profile Accessories Improve The Quality Of Inspection

The following points should be noted in the quality inspection of Aluminum profile accessories:

1. General small-scale processing enterprises may be deficient in detail because they do not have the relevant advanced equipment, the edge of the wall plate processing roughness cutting surface of the most obvious, so to improve the quality of aluminum parts inspection first in the process of manufacturing needs to have a qualified production equipment.

2. Some small enterprises in the installation of the track for the purpose of saving steel is usually set to make a swap every 1200 millimeters, in fact, the installation of the track to meet the standard should be a drop code every 800 millimeters and use angle to be fixed.

3. Aluminum profile accessories using a single wheel of the case of simple construction and saving materials, however, in the late use of the situation will appear inconvenient, and the single wheel products because the force is not uniform is not able to do the door door, it is not recommended to use this mode, but the owners or users of the choice of double hanging wheel products.

It is necessary to paint the surface of aluminum parts, so that the use of aluminum profile accessories longer-time performance is better. Although the mechanical strength of the aluminum alloy itself is higher than the purity of the corrosion resistance of some, so in the case of oxidation prone to corrosion, it is necessary to spray paint on the surface of aluminum parts to maintain,Aluminum Profile Accessories Most of the aluminum parts are widely used in doors and windows and other products on the use of paint painting can play a very good long-term use effect.

First, aluminum parts in the initial processing, it is necessary to pass the raw materials of aluminum alloy casting process. In the purchase, can observe the side of the parts and corners, often from the surface is difficult to see the problem, and these parts are the most vulnerable to the problem of exposure, to observe whether the metal contains impurities, if there is impurity that the purity of the casting is not high, the parts in the use of the process is prone to fracture.

Second, after casting is the extrusion molding of primary products. This process for the mold requirements are very high, the production accuracy must be consistent with the target requirements,Aluminum Profile Accessories otherwise it is easy to squeeze out the aluminum parts of the imbalance, it is likely to be unable to install on the use of equipment, the edge of the uneven part of the more easily caused by users.

Thirdly, the treatment of surface oxide film after extrusion is formed. Because the metal aluminum itself is exposed in the air is very easy to corrode, it is to be coated with a layer of oxide film, and this process is very expensive, and processing costs as the thickness of the oxide film increases. Many black-hearted manufacturers will reduce the thickness of the surface oxide film to reduce costs, but it is easy to make aluminum parts in the use of the process is easy to corrode.

In addition to the above three considerations,Aluminum Profile Accessories the quality of aluminum parts should also be analyzed from its chemical composition, many unscrupulous manufacturers will add some miscellaneous aluminum or scrap to reduce processing costs, but this makes the accessories more brittle and less. The quality of accessories in the market is in fact a fierce competition caused by the market, for the purchase of the most important thing is to improve their knowledge level, learning accessories to buy the standard to purchase the right accessories products.

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