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Aluminum Profile Accessories Not Affected, More Natural

Aluminum Profile Accessories - Assembly of industrial aluminum connectors

Industrial aluminum parts complete, complete specifications; 90 degrees right angle connection main points: Aluminum Profile Accessories within the connector, aluminum outside the right angle connector

First, aluminum built-in connector: axle / whistle connector, 90 diagonal block, elastic fastener; which axle connection and elastic fastener is the need to punch the top of the aluminum sprouting connection assembly, are high-strength connection Pieces; diagonal block is made of machine-meter headless wire connection, belonging to the low-strength connector;

Second, the aluminum outside the right angle connector: aluminum angle code, zinc alloy angle code, T word connection plate, L-type connecting plate, corner pieces need to use aluminum bolts and nuts fastening joints, are high-strength connectors;

How should Aluminum Profile Accessories be treated after oxidation? What steps do you need to pay attention to? Let's take a look at it.

1, hot water rinse. Hot water is washed to age the film. But the water temperature and time to strictly control the water temperature is too high film thinning, the water temperature is too low color fades. Time can be controlled in half a minute to about 1 minute.

2, dry. Dry to dry naturally as well, hot water rinse the workpiece to be hanging on the shelf, so that the surface of the water vertical down flow, flow to the bottom with a towel to suck the water, so you can ensure that the film color is not affected, More natural.

3, aging. Aging can be determined according to climate conditions,Aluminum Profile Accessories the summer can choose to sun exposure, rainy days or winter can be oven baking.

4, unqualified pieces of the repair. Unqualified workpieces need to be picked out before drying and aging, since it is difficult to retract after drying and aging the film and can affect the roughness of the workpiece surface. Can be unqualified workpiece clamped in the aluminum anodizing fixture, and then in the sulfuric acid solution in the anodic oxidation method for anodic treatment 2 ~ 3min,Aluminum Profile Accessories to be loose layer, shedding, and then by a little lye cleaning and nitric acid After the light can be re-conductive anodizing.

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