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Aluminum Profiles Has A High Thermal Stability, Thermal Fatigue, Heat Wear Resistance

In the Aluminum Profiles production enterprises, the cost of mold extrusion production costs accounted for about 35%. Mold is good or bad and whether the mold can be rational use and maintenance, directly determines whether the enterprise can be normal, qualified to produce profiles to. Extrusion die in the profile extrusion production conditions are very bad, both in the high temperature, high pressure to withstand severe friction, wear, and also need to bear the periodic load. This requires molds with high thermal stability, thermal fatigue, thermal wear resistance and sufficient toughness. To meet the above requirements, the current widely used in the domestic high-quality 4Cr5MoSiV1 (US grade H13) alloy steel, and the use of vacuum heat treatment quenching, etc. to produce mold to meet the Aluminum Profiles production requirements.

However, in the actual production, there are still some molds in the extrusion failed to achieve the scheduled output, serious or even squeeze less than 20 sticks or on the machine less than 2 times ahead of scrapped, resulting in the use of expensive mold steel Mold is far from being able to achieve its benefits. This phenomenon in many domestic Aluminum Profiles production enterprises are currently prevalent. The cause of the need to start from the following aspects.

First, the Aluminum Profiles profile itself on the ever-changing, and the development of Aluminum Profiles extrusion industry today, Aluminum Profiles has a light weight, good strength and other important advantages, there are many industries have used Aluminum Profiles instead of the original material. Due to the special part of the profile of the mold due to special sections of the profile, the design and production of more difficult. If you still use the conventional extrusion method is often difficult to achieve the rated mold production, must use a special process, and strictly control the production process parameters in order to normal production. And some molds due to the special section of the profile or the quality of the mold itself, which led to the mold can not be squeezed to the rated output, which requires sales staff in the order with the technical department and mold factory to fully communicate. At the same time mold design department needs to constantly optimize the mold design technology, improve mold manufacturing accuracy, improve mold quality.

Second, select the appropriate extrusion models for production. Before the extrusion production, the profile section should be fully calculated, according to the complexity of profile section, wall thickness and extrusion coefficient λ to determine the size of the extruder tonnage. In general, λ> 7-10. When λ> 8-45, the mold life is longer, the profile production process is more smooth. The more complex the product structure, the more likely to cause the mold part of the rigidity is not enough, the mold cavity of the metal flow is difficult to become uniform, and accompanied by local stress concentration. Profile production is easy to plug mold and boring or the formation of twisted waves, the mold prone to elastic deformation, serious plastic deformation will occur directly to the mold scrapped.

Third, a reasonable choice of billet and heating temperature. The alloy composition of the extruded billet should be strictly controlled. At present, the general enterprise requires the grain size of the ingot to reach the first grade to enhance the plasticity and reduce the heterosexuality. When the ingot in the pores, loose tissue or a central crack, the sudden release of the gas during the extrusion similar to the "blasting", making the mold part of the work with a sudden load shedding and load, the formation of local impact load, the impact of the mold Big. Conditional enterprises can be homogenized on the ingot, 550 ~ 570C insulation 8 hours after the forced cooling, extrusion pressure can be reduced by 7-10%, extrusion speed can be increased by about 15%.

Fourth, optimize the extrusion process. To scientifically extend the life of the mold, the rational use of mold production is an aspect that can not be ignored. As the working conditions of extrusion die is extremely bad, in the extrusion production must take reasonable measures to ensure that the mold's organizational properties.

(1) to take the appropriate extrusion speed. In the extrusion process, when the extrusion speed is too fast, it will cause the metal flow is difficult to uniform, Aluminum Profiles metal flow and mold cavity wall friction caused by friction caused by wear and tear, mold temperature is actually higher and so on. If the waste heat generated by the metal deformation at this time can not be taken away in time, the mold may fail due to local overheating. If the extrusion speed is appropriate, you can avoid the occurrence of the above-mentioned adverse consequences, extrusion speed should generally be controlled at 25mm / s or less.

(2) a reasonable choice of extrusion temperature. The extrusion temperature is determined by the temperature of the mold heating, the temperature of the flour and the temperature of the Aluminum Profiles rod. Aluminum Profiles bar temperature is too low easily lead to increased extrusion pressure or produce boring phenomenon, the mold prone to local micro-elastic deformation, or in the stress concentration of the site caused by cracks in the mold early scrapped.

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