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Aluminum Profiles Improve The Success Rate Of Mold Design And Processing

Aluminum Profiles If there is no unspecified downtime, the maximum yield is mainly determined by the extrusion speed, while the latter is subject to four factors, three of which are fixed and the other is variable. The first factor is the squeezing force of the extruder, which can be squeezed smoothly when the billet temperature is low. The second factor is the design of the mold. The friction between the metal and the mold wall is usually So that the temperature of the aluminum alloy through the rise of 35 ~ 62 ℃; the third factor is the characteristics of the extruded alloy is to limit the extrusion speed of the uncontrollable factors, profiles of the outlet temperature is generally not more than 540 ℃, otherwise, Quality will drop, mold marks significantly increased, or even appear sticky aluminum, gravure, micro-cracks, tear and so on. The last factor is temperature and its controlled level.

As the aluminum variety specifications and diverse, and in the extrusion process of material flow conditions are complex, squeeze mold load conditions are poor, making Aluminum Profiles product development and mold design has become a difficult task. The traditional production model, which relies on the experience design and the trial repair, can not meet the demand of modern economic development. In the efficiency is life, quality is the key market economy environment, Aluminum Profiles production enterprises most attention is to improve the mold design and processing of the success rate and extrusion yield and yield. In the production of aluminum and aluminum semi-finished products, extrusion is one of the main forming process, extrusion die is good or bad, the speed of extrusion directly affect the aluminum and Aluminum Profiles production enterprises product quality and production.

In this case, how to improve the productivity of the extruder has become a top priority. There are many measures to improve productivity, improve the level of installed capacity, improve the quality of workers, improve the management level and so are effective measures.

Aluminum surface after powder coating has a good protective performance and decorative properties, after several decades of development, aluminum spray coating process more perfect, while spraying the yield is also rising. Under normal circumstances, if the strict control of pre-treatment and spraying process, can maximize the control of non-conforming products. However, due to raw and auxiliary materials, extruded blanks,Aluminum Profiles spraying equipment, production environment factors and staff responsibility, etc., aluminum powder coating a yield is difficult to reach 100%, most of which is the need for rework repair. It is observed that when the surface quality of the sand surface defects need to re-spray, sometimes there will be back to the spray coating and the first sand coating between the delamination problem, that is often said that the "two skin" phenomenon Spraying plain powder coating is rarely delamination problems. As the adhesion of the coating on the coating of weather resistance,Aluminum Profiles salt spray resistance, acid and alkali have a great impact, once the adhesion failure, the coating lost the protection of the substrate, and thus adhesion It is particularly important.

Maintenance of Aluminum Extruder - Maintenance of Aluminum Extruder has a significant impact on the occurrence of aluminum defects. Aluminum profile extruder on the positive or not, Sheng barrel and squeeze the pad of the situation will affect the quality of aluminum.

The same time as

Residual air at the time of extrusion - air is compressed to a small volume and the temperature rises if the air is squeezed into the jack cylinder and then pressed against the pressure. Due to compression of the air will melt around the aluminum alloy in the aluminum within the bubble,Aluminum Profiles or bubbles in the mold after the work belt will burst open, so that the formation of pores in the aluminum surface. Two cases will occur, will make the aluminum profile defects resulting in waste.


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