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Aluminum Profiles Low Pollution, High Performance

Aluminum Profilessurface after powder coating has a good protective performance and decorative properties, after several decades of development, Aluminum Profilesspray coating process more perfect, while spraying the yield is also rising. Under normal circumstances, if the strict control of pre-treatment and spraying process, can maximize the control of non-conforming products. However, due to raw and auxiliary materials, extruded blanks, spraying equipment, production environment factors and staff responsibility, etc., Aluminum Profilespowder coating a yield is difficult to reach 100%, most of which is the need for rework repair. It is observed that when the surface quality of the sand surface defects need to re-spray, sometimes there will be back to the spray coating and the first sand coating between the delamination problem, that is often said that the "two skin" phenomenon Spraying plain powder coating is rarely delamination problems. As the adhesion of the coating on the coating of weather resistance, salt spray resistance, acid and alkali have a great impact, once the adhesion failure, the coating lost the protection of the substrate, and thus adhesion It is particularly important.

With the rapid development of the Aluminum Profilesindustry and increasingly stringent environmental requirements, powder coatings with its outstanding environment-friendly product characteristics, become recognized 4E paint (provincial energy, provincial resources, low pollution, high efficiency), the more To more and more used in aluminum, at the same time, thermal transfer technology in recent years has also made rapid development, thermal transfer with its realistic decorative effect just one will be loved by the majority of users, and soon be Used in the Aluminum Profilesindustry. The main feature of thermal transfer products is the transfer image colorful, rich layers, the effect can be comparable with the printing. Thermal transfer is the high temperature of the ink heat sublimation and infiltration into the powder coating inside, condensate after the formation of bright colors of the pattern, so after thermal transfer treatment does not change the powder coating of the original gloss, wear Nature, weatherability, acid and alkali resistance, thermal transfer only play the role of surface decoration, so the thermal transfer of Aluminum Profilesproducts durable, transfer pattern will not fall off, crack and fade, can meet the Aluminum ProfilesIndustry needs.

Thermal transfer powder coating as a large branch of powder coating, a long time, the earlier use of polyester / isocyanate-based powder coating due to expensive, limited marketing, has been stagnant, in recent years, polyester / TGIC type Powder coating is widely used in thermal transfer, stimulating the market demand, but the product transfer effect is still not ideal, this paper combined with experimental research and application of polyester / TGIC powder coating in the thermal transfer process in-depth study.

Thermal transfer technology was first applied to the production of heat transfer printing fabric, with the rapid development of high-tech, thermal transfer technology more and more widely. Aluminum Profilesindustry is the use of sublimation transfer technology, preheating sublimation ink printed on the thermal transfer paper (film), the formation of a variety of patterns, and then through the thermal transfer equipment in a certain temperature and time conditions, Transfer paper (film) on the pattern transfer on the surface of Aluminum Profilesproducts, ink penetration into the product after the surface coating as a whole, realistic and beautiful, greatly improve the product grade. Aluminum Profilesheat transfer paper used mainly wood grain thermal transfer paper and PET thermal transfer film, PET film because of the high cost of thermal transfer film, so most of the thermal transfer products are selected to use wood thermal transfer paper, This article discusses the matching of thermal transfer powder coatings with wood thermal transfer paper.

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