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Aluminum Profiles Strength Requirements Higher

We know that aluminum alloy profiles are divided into substrate, anodized profiles, current coating profiles, powder spray profiles, fluorocarbon paint spray profiles, through the insulation profiles, injection plastic insulation profiles and so on. Engaged in the aluminum industry for nearly 20 years, always someone asked me how the aluminum is produced? What is the relationship between the various aluminum profiles? Now I use a picture to illustrate the next aluminum production process, as well as the relationship between the profiles.

1, aluminum production is the premise of the extruded material, round ingot by squeezing to the shape of the profile is changed. For the manufacturer, if the extruded material produced means that the product has been completed more than half of the back of the process is easy, you can tell the customer that the specific delivery time.

2, oxidation profiles and electrophoretic profiles in a workshop production. Oxidation profile is the substrate after the oxidation of the sealing treatment; and electrophoretic profile is the substrate after oxidation after electrophoresis, and then curing. The inner layer of the electrophoretic profile is an oxide film and the outer layer is an electrophoretic paint film.

3, oxidation profiles, electrophoretic profiles can do color processing, you can not do coloring.

4, my company's powder coating, fluorocarbon profiles of the passivation film are chromium-free passivation process is completed, no heavy metal chromium.

5, electrophoresis, powder coating, fluorocarbon paint spray, three-dimensional wood spray products are to be cured.

6, wood grain transfer can be in the electrophoresis, powder coating, fluorocarbon profile surface. The most common is the powder sprayed wood grain transfer, and the fluorocarbon wood grain transfer I have not seen the sample.

7, insulation profiles of the single profile can be oxidation, electrophoresis, spraying, fluorocarbon, wood and other processing. Wear-type insulation profiles on the surface treatment is not required, the same production process; injection-type insulation profiles can increase the teeth of the process, mainly for tooth electrophoresis, fluorocarbon profiles.

Five tips for Aluminum Profiles

1. The most suitable welding aluminum is the drawing torch, if you can not use this welding gun, try to use the shortest torch in order to keep the torch straight; only use argon as a protective gas; in the welding aluminum (automatic pipe welding Machine) can only use the gun when the gun approach.

2. If you find a wire feed problem, you can try a larger size than the wire lead head.

3. Welding aluminum is the most commonly used wire is a soft standard wire. While the other will be harder (easier to wire), it is mainly used for hardness and strength requirements of higher welding operations.

4. Before the start of welding to do the aluminum surface oxide layer cleaning work, the use of special stainless steel brush to remove the oxide layer.

5. Fill the arc at the end of the weld to prevent cracks. One way is to solder the torch in the bath after welding for several seconds.

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