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Aluminum Profiles Substantial Savings In Production Costs

Aluminum Profiles process generally include casting, extrusion, oxidation and so on three steps, and in the oxidation process in general enterprises are more I like the use of surface electrophoresis method for processing, relative to other surface treatment methods, the Aluminum Profiles The use of electrophoretic methods to deal with has its unique advantages of performance.

Aluminum Profiles electrophoresis treatment features:

1, easy to achieve automated production. As the electrophoretic coating of aluminum in the water-based electrophoresis tank, and anodizing, electrolytic coloring process is similar to the processing time is short, easy to achieve the entire process of the pipeline operation, can save a lot of production costs, and can also improve production efficiency.

2, the coating is uniform and dense. As the aluminum electrophoretic coating of the high penetration force, can make the complex shape of the profile also get a uniform coating, while adjusting the power can control the film thickness, to ensure that the Aluminum Profiles coating evenly.

3, the use of high paint. As the viscosity is low, the workpiece out less, and the electrophoretic workpiece can be washed with water, the use of recovery equipment to make the coating coating utilization rate of up to 95%.

4, safety and environmental protection. As the electrophoretic coating of water dilution, low solids, solvent content is less environmentally friendly paint, and exempt from the risk of fire, workers health is also guaranteed.

5, good quality coating. Acrylic resin with amino resin curing, to ensure that the coating of high decoration and high corrosion resistance, and because the resin is highly transparent, effectively highlight the aluminum metal texture, according to the need to get matt, sand, pearl and other decoration effect.

6, and the usual electrolytic coloring sealing process compared with a time-saving, saving manpower characteristics, electrophoretic coating without sealing, to avoid the cracks caused by bad cracks and other problems.

7, because the electrophoretic layer transparent light, so the requirements of high quality aluminum ingots, extruded surface smooth, less mechanical defects, the oxidation of coloring process requires strict management, because any minor defects and stains will be exposed in the transparent paint.

8, Aluminum Profiles electrophoresis using electrophoresis on the electrophoresis process management requirements, in order to improve the yield of aluminum products.

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