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Aluminum Profiles With The Correct Shape, Size And Accuracy

Aluminum Profiles die in the Aluminum Profiles process plays a decisive role, is to ensure that the product shape, so that it has the correct shape, size and accuracy of the basic tools. In the actual production, for the extrusion of hollow aluminum may be a few problems, we have given the appropriate repair method.

First, there are seam angle or poor welding

Hollow Aluminum Profiles are extruded by a planar shunt die, and the metal is subjected to a process of diversion and welding. Therefore, the hollow section is welded, and if the metal is not well welded, it is a defect. There are two reasons for the gap, one is the diversion hole, the welding chamber is small, the metal supply is insufficient, the metal in the welding chamber does not form enough hydrostatic pressure, the product is not welded and out of the die hole, resulting in the existence of welding products Gap; Second, excessive lubrication and poor lubrication caused by hollow profile welding caused by poor. The former can use grinding or milling to expand the diversion hole and the welding chamber area, increase the metal supply, so that the metal in the welding chamber to form enough hydrostatic pressure to be resolved, the latter can be used without lubrication extrusion process.

Second, the aluminum alloy wall appears concave or convex convex surface

1, hollow aluminum alloy wall under the concave arch surface causes: core work belt is lower than the lower die die work belt, core work belt with the effective length caused by too short. Correction method: in the core and the lower mold between the placement of the ring, so that the core work belt in the state of stress and the lower die hole sizing with high. At the same time, in the lower mold of the export site minus the same thickness.

2, hollow aluminum alloy wall convex convex causes: mold use time is too long, the core work with serious wear and tear, there trenches, increased friction resistance, metal flow slowly caused by hollow profile wall convex. Correction method: If the profile wall thickness tolerance allows, you can file repair or grinding the core of the work belt surface, reduce the friction resistance; if the core work belt wear degree is very serious, and the profile wall thickness has reached the upper deviation, Preheat to 300 ℃ or so, repair welding core shape, and then file repair to the size and polishing after use; if the core work belt is not worn, then file a file core work with lateral obstruction and the inside of the retention You can.

Third, the aluminum alloy surface stripes

Extrusion of the outer surface of the extrusion profile, after the anodic oxidation performance is more obvious. The defect is more common in the part of the wall thickness difference, the junction of the metal under the bridge and the inside of the "twig" and the hole on the back of the hole.


1, the inside of the profile of the "twig" and the threaded hole due to insufficient or excessive metal supply surface fringes;

2, mold shunt bridge under the welding area caused by the surface of the profile stripes;

3, the profile of the profile design problems, due to the difference between the wall thickness of the profile, the work of the length of the site changes in the site after anodized stripe color difference;

4, because the machine cooling capacity is not enough, resulting in anodized black markings area;

5, the slab itself is not good texture, the impact of extrusion material after anodized color.

Correction method:

1, check the customer's drawings on the profile of the decorative surface, such as the thickness of the wall, such as thick, twigs and threaded holes;

2, the diversion bridge should be designed in the profile non-decorative surface, while ensuring the strength of the mold at the same time, the welding room should be as large as possible,Aluminum Profiles so that the metal can form enough hydrostatic pressure;

3, large diameter pipe or large size hollow mold, in the male mold can be set on the welding room;

4, the inside of the profile of the "twig" or threaded hole at the stripes, the repair method is to polish these parts of the die hole work belt, polished smooth,Aluminum Profiles or modify or reduce the transition radius of these parts;

5, sometimes the stripes are formed by the slab material itself, requiring the slab heating temperature uniform, uniform annealing thoroughly;

6, extrusion die hole, the grain size depends on the temperature into the quenching zone and quenching area cooling rate. If the cooling temperature is too low,Aluminum Profiles the cooling rate is not uniform will cause the grain is too large or grain size is not uniform, after anodic color difference will be more obvious, requiring the operator to adjust the cooling system in a timely manner the size of the wind pressure and cooling water pressure.

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