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Aluminum Surface Treatment Technology

Metal class material in existing of various products Shang using increasingly more, because metal class material more can reflected products quality, and highlights brand value, and in many metal class material in the, aluminum because it of easy processing, and visual effect good, and surface processing means rich, first of was all manufacturers used, aluminum profile surface processing main is divided into: spray sand (formed dumb light Pearl silver surface), and polishing (formed mirror), and drawing (formed similar satin surface effect), and plating (cover a layer other metal), and spray (cover other non-metallic coating). Sand blasting (peening): sand flow using high speed impact cleaning and roughening of the surface. This method of aluminum surface treatment to make the work surface must be clean and different roughness, improved the mechanical properties of the workpiece surface, thereby improving the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, increases its adhesion and coating, extending the durability of the coating, but also conducive to the leveling of coating decoration.

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