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Automotive Aluminum Rate Increased Year By Year

In 1888, the aluminum began commercial production of its low density, resource abundance, color white, environmentally friendly, harmless, high recyclability, corrosion resistance, good conduction performance, non-magnetic, easy processing and formingmany advantages in the sectors of national economies to a wide range of applications, particularly in the transportation equipment, 2011 the world s primary aluminum production of breakthrough 43000kt, becoming the second largest metal after steel, which34% or about 14620kt for transportation equipment manufacturing.

1899 the first aluminum alloy sheet metal body small sports car was unveiled at the Berlin International Auto Show, the first of its kind open aluminum alloy sheet in automotive applications; 1910 the first aluminum bus began operating in Paris, since aluminum in passenger cars more and more. Tanker trailers, RV in the 1950s began to use aluminum manufacturing, North American van aluminide rate over 92%, the majority of European tankers, trailers and other aluminum alloy, each vehicle is the average reduction of car 800kg aluminum cars and buses (Audi A8, the TT coupe and the Jaguar XJ, etc.) have long been available.

In the foreseeable period of time (2030), the aluminum is to improve transport efficiency, reduce transportation costs, save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, develop recycling economy, the maintenance of road safety is the most reliable structural metallic materials. Aluminum in various forms such as sheet, foil, tubes, rods, wire, forgings, powder, casting, die casting parts used in vehicle manufacturing. Aluminum manned vehicle body Extruded frame with Mongolia to the shell composition of the aluminum. The table below of the amount of aluminum used in several car body cars with the plate more and more amount of buses profiles.

Our History Ningbo Defa aluminum profile accessories Co.,Ltd. is located in the southern outskirts of Ningbo City, near Ningbo airport and seaport, very convenient for transportation. The company is about 12,000 square meters and has already invested total RMB 8,600,000 for its products and equipments in the past 10 years. Our Factory DFH is the mother manufacturer company of three factories: Aluminum Profile Accessories Factory, Pipe Rack System Factory and Metal Tool Factory. Our Product DFH specialized in producing and developing aluminum profile accessories and pipe tack systems.

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