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Bolts Important Factors For Connecting Securely

There are many influential factors to achieve the most secure and stable bolts connections. To help you achieve the best application results, we summarize the 10 tips to ensure bolts safety. Please note that this is a general recommendation and does not necessarily apply to all bolts applications.

For the bolts application, the larger the size the better. Similarly, high grade boltss are not meant to improve performance relative to lower-grade boltss. The combination of the two is the key.

The bolts size and strength grade can bring the impact of both sides on the bolts load. If the ideal combination method is found and the bolts joint is screwed correctly, the load becomes an important factor to ensure the bolts is securely connected. You can choose boltss with a larger size but lower strength, or a smaller size but higher strength level. Both of these scenarios may be appropriate.

Thread relaxation is one of the main reasons for loosening of boltss. There are three main reasons for thread relaxation: rough or irregular surface subsidence, relaxation, that is, polymers or composites become compact, creep, that is, under the action of stress and high temperature, material displacement or deformation. These three reasons can cause preload loss, causing problems in bolts joints.

Today, bolts joints are subjected to higher temperatures and loads, and more and more equipment components are made of synthetic materials, plastics and aluminum, which is why the problem of thread relaxation is increasing.

This problem needs to be solved from two aspects: to avoid the thread slack, the screw surface needs to be smooth and hard, but also to increase the elasticity of the bolts joint, such as the use of Nord-lock x series washers or Superbolts multiple push preload. Superbolts multi-push pretension and Nord-lock wedge Lock technology can improve the elasticity of the joint and minimize the effect of thread relaxation.

For the bolts connection, how to emphasize the role of lubrication is not too. Lubrication can minimize friction and reduce the torque load ratio. Lubrication can also make installation and demolition easier and prolong bolts life.

For bolts lubrication, it is important to choose the appropriate lubrication method according to the application. Some of the parameters to be considered include: chemical composition, health and environmental impacts, working temperature ranges and friction coefficients, and should be consulted with the lubricant manufacturer for recommended use.

In the project design phase, a common challenge is whether low-cost solutions should be chosen to keep the current cost lowest, or should high quality solutions be chosen to achieve long-term cost savings? Initial costs should not be the only focus of consideration. Investing wisely at the beginning of a project can lead to substantial cost savings at a later stage.

Coating thickness may be only a few microns, but can improve the performance of fasteners in a variety of ways, including resistance to corrosion, reduce friction, enhance the appearance of value. There are a variety of coating solutions available, including zinc plating treatment is the most cost-effective and simplest. If the method can not achieve satisfactory results, zinc alloy can also be used. If more protection is needed, it is recommended to use multi-layer zinc chip treatment.

What kind of coating should be chosen for specific applications? First of all, the coating should be selected according to the corrosion protection grade, and because the lubricant can compensate for the deficiency of the friction performance, then the appearance effect is finally considered according to the desired friction characteristics.

There are countless solutions to fastening. Even if some schemes are widely used, they may not be able to meet the requirements for a specific temperature or pressure range. Therefore, it is important to select a partner to help you achieve high material stability and choose an ideal fastening scheme.

The preload level determines the bearing capacity of the bolts joint. Therefore, it is necessary to judge the level of preload needed to reach the bolts connection, and then reach the preload by proper fastening method and fastening order.

Preload must reach the appropriate level to avoid the clamping part of the movement or separation, but should be within the material modulus limit, to avoid embedding butt surface and thread stripping.

It is also important to distinguish the static and dynamic bearing capacity of screws, which can withstand higher static load, but can withstand less dynamic load. Therefore, the high preload level should be maintained to reduce the impact of dynamic loads on the joints.

When fastening, the ideal tool should be selected and the fastening operation should be completed in a reasonable order to ensure the preload level required by the design engineer.

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