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Chinese 6063 Aluminum Profiles Good Corrosion Resistance And Decorative Properties

First of all, Chinese Chinese 6063 Aluminum Profiless surface treatment process, sometimes found in the profile surface has a different degree of irregular arrangement of the point-like dark gray corrosion point, this corrosion point and the zinc element caused by the corrosion of the shape is completely different, and, in the production process is intermittent. Some people think that the reason is that the operator did not perform the correct surface treatment process; There are some harmful impurity ions in the liquid, and the material is not good and too much.

6063 aluminum alloy after anodic oxidation, with good corrosion resistance and decorative properties, in recent years, with the development of national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, aluminum doors and windows, aluminum alloy curtain wall use more and Spot corrosion is more common, which seriously affects the use of aluminum profiles and decorative effects. In order to improve the surface quality of aluminum profile and achieve the aim of controlling surface spot corrosion, it is necessary to make a detailed analysis of the spot defect. In this paper, the spot corrosion of 6063 aluminum alloy after anodic oxidation is studied, the essence, Genesis and mechanism of pitting corrosion are analyzed, and the key factors of pitting corrosion are discussed.

Essential analysis of spot corrosion

By using the composition of Chinese 6063 Aluminum Profiles, in order to ensure that MG elements fully formed the enhanced phase mg2si, generally in the preparation of alloy components artificially made the amount of SI elements excess. Because with the increase of SI content, the grain of the alloy becomes finer and the heat treatment effect is better. On the other hand, the excess of SI also has a negative effect, so that the plasticity of the alloy decreases and the corrosion resistance becomes worse. The study shows that the excess SI can not only form the SI phase of Free State, but also form α phase (AL12FE2SI) and β-phase (AL9FE3SI2),Chinese 6063 Aluminum Profiles so that there is a free State si phase, α phase (AL12FE2SI), beta phase (AL9FE3SI2) in aluminum alloy. such as cathode phase particles and anode phase mg2si particles. The corrosion properties of α-phase and β-relative alloys are greatly affected, especially the beta phase can significantly reduce the corrosion performance of the alloy. The components of the residues in the spot were mainly free SI phase and alfesi phase, and the adsorption of chlorine in residues was also found, which indicated that CL was involved in the corrosion process. The content of Zn in the corrosion zone is much higher than that of the substrate, which indicates that the impurity element zinc in the alloy is also involved in the corrosion process.

In anodic oxidation process,Chinese 6063 Aluminum Profiles the anode phase mg2si is the pitting source of the alloy. When the anodic oxidation alkali washes, the mg2si particle preferentially dissolves to form an etching pit, in which the magnesium dissolves in the solution while the silicon remains on the aluminum alloy, when the pitting is clustered on the grains, the grain color is darkened. In sulfuric acid and the process of silicon is not easy to remove, so the spot corrosion pitting the bottom of the silicon content is higher than other regions.

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