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Chinese 6063 Aluminum Profiles Use more and more popular

Chinese 6063 Aluminum Profiles In recent years, with the development of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the use of aluminum alloy doors and windows and aluminum alloy curtain walls has become more and more popular. However, the use of aluminum alloy doors and windows has become more and more popular. Many of the aluminum alloy in the use of a period of time after the surface of the various forms of corrosion defects, which is more common spot corrosion, serious impact on the use of aluminum and decorative effect. In order to improve the surface quality of aluminum, to control the surface of the purpose of spot corrosion, it is necessary to do in-depth and detailed analysis of spot defects. In this paper, the surface corrosion of the Chinese 6063 Aluminum Profiles after anodic oxidation was studied. The essential, genesis and mechanism of the spot corrosion were analyzed, and the key factors of spot corrosion were discussed.

6063 aluminum alloy profiles are widely used for their excellent plasticity, moderate heat treatment strength, good welding performance and anodic oxidation after the surface of the gorgeous color and many other advantages. But in the production process often there will be some defects caused by low product quality, lower yield, increased production costs, the effectiveness of decline, and ultimately lead to the decline in market competitiveness of enterprises.

Therefore, starting from the root to solve the Chinese 6063 Aluminum Profiles defects is the enterprise to improve their competitiveness is an important aspect. The author according to years of aluminum production practice, in this Chinese 6063 Aluminum Profiles profiles common defects and solutions for a summary, and many peer exchanges, with a view to mutual promotion.

① ingot surface attached to the debris or ingot composition segregation. There is a large amount of segregation on the surface of the ingot and the ingot is not homogenized or the homogenization treatment is not good, there is a certain amount of hard metal particles in the ingot, and the metal flows through the working belt during the extrusion process ,Chinese 6063 Aluminum Profiles These partial effluent or hard metal particles attached to the surface of the work belt or damage to the work belt, the final surface of the profile caused by scratches;

② mold cavity or work belt with debris, mold work with a lower hardness, so that the surface of the work belt in the extrusion injury and scratch profiles;

③ out of the track or pendulum bed with bare metal or graphite strip has a hard inclusions, when the contact with the profile of the profile surface caused by scratches;

④ in the fork when the profile from the material track to the pendulum on the bed, due to the rapid impact caused by profile bumps;

⑤ in the pendulum on the artificial drag the profile caused by abrasions;

⑥ in the transport process between the friction or extrusion caused damage.

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