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Electrophoretic Coating Problems Troubleshooting

1. electrophoresis coating thickness reduced, it may be due to low voltage, time shortage, low cell temperature, electrical conductivity, low solids content, or poorly grounded; 2. Electrophoresis of the thickness of the film increases, it may be due to high voltage and time is too long, trough electrical conductivity of high temperature, extremely high, or high solids content; 3. Electrophoresis of solid content, which is normal at run time, resins and pigments must be used for fill tank; 4. Electrophoresis of solid content and running in General, when adding resin and pigments will increase, and prepare records and save, flow meters should be inspected regularly, stock inventory, ensuring no more material, plus 5. Electrophoresis bath solution of pH decrease, this is not normal, it indicated that the cell Leak/overflow leakage; may also be acetic acid content is too large;

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