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Extruded Aluminium Profile Quality Inspection Process

Raw material inspection process: 1: objective: to ensure smooth production after the road and ensure product quality. 2: scope, applicable to raw materials used in the extrusion plant. 3: duties: 1. the production department is responsible for self-inspection, quality assurance Department well sampling and confirmation of the requirements, 2. quality assurance Inspector is responsible for raw materials inspection during the cutting process. 4: raw material testing requirements for control: 1. test according to the raw material incoming inspection requirements (schedule a), 2. plant on its own cut, surface and length tolerances should meet the requirements. 5: Note: 1.6061 required painted with black paint, and each of the "61" stamp and 6063 required sprayed yellow paint, and each of the "63" stamp, tails are also identified, 1. raw materials to keep clean the surface without rolling in mud and adhesion of sand and other debris caused by mold damage, quality variations.

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