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Factors That Affect The Coloring Of Aluminum Alloy

Coloring of aluminium alloy products of how well most depends on the quality formation of oxide film. Therefore, in a solution of sulfuric acid anodizing, impurity effect on oxide film should not be ignored, the impurities are mainly copper, iron, aluminum and other metal ions and organic impurities and pollutants, you want to remove in a timely manner, keep the normal use of the solution range. (1) the replacement of copper ions are deposited on the surface of aluminium, resulting in porous oxide film, and lower transparency, anti-corrosion and electrical insulation properties, so copper-ion content must not exceed 0.02g/L. (2) the chloride ion from water or cooling pipe ruptured cooling water, chloride ion content be less than 0.2g/L, otherwise generate oxide film rough and loose, severe aluminum surface etch (breakdown).

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