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Lean Pipe With A Beautiful, Wear-resistant, Corrosion-resistant

Lean Pipe is now used in the production workshop commonly used equipment, is made of high quality steel pipe inside and outside the surface after galvanized, the outer surface of the adhesive plastic layer, with aesthetics, wear, corrosion resistance, rust, etc., the appearance of color commonly used color white, Beige, blue three colors to choose from, special colors according to customer requirements according to different requirements to make different effects.

Lean Pipe production line

Only need your imagination, Lean Pipe can be built according to your idea. Lean Pipe products are widely used in the automotive industry, electronics manufacturing, communications industry, bio-engineering, pharmaceutical industry, military industry, all kinds of chemical, precision metal and other diversified production processes. Not just easy, and very interesting. Advantages of Lean Pipe products:

1, 100% can be recycled, and can reduce the damage caused by the parts of the logistics equipment.

2, ergonomic, improve production efficiency, improve the working environment.

3, nice appearance, anti-static (ordinary anti-static) products.

4, the real realization of the "0" inventory of small quantities of multi-species production mode.

5, the specific price, please consult customer service, we will be the fastest, best service attitude to bring you satisfied with the results.

 Lean Pipe in the case without welding and bending can replace 304 stainless steel and electroplating for lighting tubes, furniture, furniture accessories. Second-generation Lean Pipe with strong corrosion resistance, wear resistance, environmental protection, cost-effective advantages, can effectively enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and product content.

Lean Pipe with wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, high level of purification, anti-static, high strength, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, decorative and other characteristics, Lean Pipe in the field of Lean Pipe application is a large area of innovation. Lean Pipe has an absolute advantage over the lean composite structure. Durability to be greatly improved, effectively enhance the enterprise grade.

In addition to the load description of the appliance, it is not necessary to consider too many precise data and structural rules. Production line workers are based on their own position to design and manufacture of wire rod products.

By changing the structure of the product, the Lean Pipe and fittings are recyclable when the end of a life cycle of a product or a process, reassembled with the original fitting to accommodate the new requirements.

First of all, we have to check whether the bolt on the lean pipe rack is tightened, whether the chuck is loose, whether the position of the chuck is moving, if it is found that the Lean Pipe has been deformed or peeled off, it should be replaced with new material to avoid production Resulting in unnecessary losses.

Lean pipe fittings selection is very important, so in the choice of a variety of considerations.

White Lean Pipe

Lean pipe fittings for the three composite pipe into a bilateral angle of the structure, mainly used to strengthen the overall strength. Lean pipe fittings refer to the auxiliary parts of the product, although the specifications of the product configuration are not the same, of course, for different models, standardized configuration of the situation can be understood by understanding the product description. If the lack of standardized configuration, then a certain level will affect the use of products and performance. Lean Pipe Optional accessories are parts that can enhance product functionality and improve product performance outside of the standard accessories. Unlike optional accessories, the use of optional accessories does not affect the use of the basic functions of the product. There are many types of optional accessories, different products to support the optional products are different, so in the optional optional accessories should be consulted in advance of the product description, so as not to buy can not be used. Lean Pipe high-strength plywood table can be more suitable to add a variety of accessories, application.

Second, with the casters of the Lean Pipe rack in the move, you must check to confirm whether the caster brake is lifted, Lean Pipe rack position is fixed, the brake stopped.

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