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Lean Pipe Work Atmosphere And Efficiency Have Been Significantly Improved

Speaking of lean management, naturally think of a variety of management tools, such as lean logistics, IE engineering, value stream analysis and so on. In fact, the most effective lean is not only rely on these tall management tools, but some management tools did not talk about the little things.

Have heard a foreigner trainer said such a story: year with the Japanese Toyota car to the world, Toyota's management is also popular overseas, the major automobile plants have invited Toyota lean experts to pass on the Road. One day, a famous German car factory invited Toyota to a long training. Did not expect the old man in the workshop after a lap, did not speak any management theory, only two of the requirements: First, the impact of line of sight baffle, wall demolition or reduce the height; Second, the tool, Are removed. The training is over. German puzzled, heavily invited to the management of experts, do not talk about training, but to demolish the door? Old one only: look at the effect of it Soon after, the original theoretical study did not see the improvement of the 5S situation, work atmosphere and efficiency have been significantly improved. Demolition baffle and demolition of the door two small effect is better than a lot of management theory.

1, starting from the end of the horizontal pipe tooling surface, you can quickly create a stable structure to facilitate the next step in the production of Lean Pipe tooling. Note: The first layer of the use of lean management will ensure long, wide, high length of the same, otherwise it will cause the tooling out of the irregular shape.

2, with a marker pen in the Lean Pipe tooling frame structure on the high mark on the remaining layer should be in the location, and then step by step to build. Note: During the construction process in order to save costs, will be reused before the production of the remaining materials. But the length of these materials shall not be shorter than the length of the material required 30mm, and can only be used for the middle layer production.

3. Install the casters or plastic jackets at the bottom of the IBC frame structure (top of the figure). CAUTION: When installing the casters, be careful to tighten the screws in the casters. With the tightening of the screw, the rubber ring of the wheel will gradually expand, and will eventually be tightly set in the Lean Pipe. If the screws do not tighten, the turnover of the car in the push process, there may be dump truck dumping, resulting in broken items fall damaged.

4, the entire Lean Pipe tooling frame structure over, to see whether the entire structure is stable, length and width are the same, for a simple adjustment of the problem. Finally, tighten the screws on the frame structure once, to avoid some screws forget to tighten.

5, in the Lean Pipe tooling frame to increase the platen and other materials, so that meet the application requirements.

6, on the lean pipe tooling production site for finishing, cleaning, in order to facilitate the development of other work. Good working habits are a guarantee of high work efficiency, must be in the usual work to develop good habits, both in the field management and the usual work are particularly important.

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