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Alloying elements: 6063 alloy Al-mg-SI alloy prepared as the main element, each element has a range of content, high magnesium prices. manufacturers in order to reduce costs, to at least allow the small amount of magnesium content. What is more, the content of magnesium content of less than the min allowed. Factory alloys and wire scrap and waste pot aluminum pot, no 6063 alloy. Aluminum mechanical strength is low, can be bent low with both hands and bend easy, commonly known as "spaghetti" as soft. This is one reason why aluminium can cost thousands of Yuan. Regular aluminum manufacturers, at the time of preparation of alloy composition are internal standards, is in the content of various elements within each have their own smaller ranges, aluminum, magnesium, silica ratio among the three is very strict, the plant has its own data, confidential.

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