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Several Methods For Improving Levels Of Aluminum Extrusion Die Design

A: read more books and magazines, and will learn to stand on the shoulders of others to pick apples, as an extrusion mold designers, in addition to the necessary design manual, also want to read some other books and magazines of the die, learn about the latest mold development. After large of theory and practice proved, following several this books on learning extrusion mold design has is in of help: aluminum extrusion mold design professional information summary (paper quality upper and lower book), this this book is Shandong aluminum material network himself finishing making of, inside collection has large various type mold design of instance, is a this rare of practical of information; Liu Jingan book recommended: light alloy extrusion workers mold manual paper quality version, this this book is in recent years Liu Jingan teacher on extrusion mold design making and maintenance of a this book, Contains a large maintenance examples of extrusion die design, design theory and method, is the only one in recent years more classic books on aluminum profile extrusion dies.

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