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Six Industrial Aluminum Profile Production Process

Paint three process steps are aluminum profiles surface pretreatment, anodizing, sealing the hole. Knead well aluminum profile, its high corrosion resistance of the surface is to be Anodic oxidation surface treatment to increase the corrosion resistance of aluminum resistance, wear resistance and surface appearance. Aluminum surface treatment is chemical or physical methods to clean the aluminum surface, naked pure substrate in order to facilitate the access to good, fine artificial oxide film. Anodizing is under certain conditions, substrate surface attack anodized, generate a layer of fine, porous, strong AL203 membrane adsorption layer. Sealing is mainly generated by the Anodic oxidation of porous oxide film membrane pore pore close, so that the oxide film pollution prevention, enhanced corrosion resistance and wear resistance properties. Here's a trick is membrane porosity and adsorptive accumulation in some metal salts to make aluminum surface Flash of color (white), many of the color, such as: black, bronze, gold and stainless steel.

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